Frequently Asked Questions

Saving you money, one coupon at a time.
What is the purpose of this website?

Our goal is to help as many people possible through our website by lowering people's grocery bill with free coupons.

Is Grocery Coupons For Free available for anyone to use?

Our website does not discriminate against anyone. Even though we highlight certain programs and organizations on our website, our website is for anyone that can use it.

Why are you just highlighting the food shelf and the overseas military coupon programs when there are many more programs that you could include on your website?

The food shelf and overseas military coupon programs are two of the largest groups of people that can benefit from free grocery coupons. We are trying to reach the largest groups in need.

I know of a program that could benefit from your website. What should I do with this program information?

If you know of a program that could benefit from our website, please email us the information to

Why I am limited by the number of coupons I can print off of your website?

The manufacturers who supply the coupons we offer, limit the number of coupons that can be printed over a specific time frame.

How many coupons can I print on a 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper?

In most cases, you will able to print 3 coupons per sheet of paper.

I reached my print limit for a specific coupon I wanted. What can I do to get more coupons
for those coupons that have reached their coupon limit?

Manufacturers control the volume of coupons you can print at any given time. They periodically renew the volume you can print. Please check our website several times a week for new coupons as well as coupons that get renewed for you to print again.

How often do coupons change on your website?

We do not know when the manufacturers will send us new coupons. We recommend you check our website several times a week so that you will always get the most current coupons available.

Why do I have to print every coupon on your website instead of just the coupons I need?

You do not have to print every coupon on our website. We are asking you to please print every coupon on our website. Use the coupons you want and donate the remaining coupons you don't want to one or both of the programs we suggest on our website.

Why do I have to download a program to print the coupons on your website?

The program you download controls how many coupons you can print from individual manufacturers. This program download is the only way manufacturers can control the volume of coupons that are distributed to the public.

I have a question that you do not address. Where can I get it answered?

Please send all questions to