Our Mission

Welcome to GroceryCouponsForFree.org!

With approximately 1 out of 10 Americans unemployed and many more people struggling to pay their grocery bills every day, our website is specifically designed to help people lower their grocery bill with information in getting grocery coupons for free. Coupons have lowered people's grocery bill by as much as 90% or more, and sometimes even for free. With many grocery stores offering to double manufacturer coupons in combination with items that are already on sale, your overall grocery bill becomes deeply discounted to the point of free sometimes. It is our goal to save you as much money possible every time you go grocery shopping.

How It Works

Our website is very easy to use and navigate through. There are no costs to you or commitments. Just print your free grocery coupons and use them when you are buying your groceries. All we ask of you when you are using our free website is a few things:
  1. Print the coupons off our website.
  2. Print coupons regularly (at least once a week). Our hope is that grocery manufacturers will increase their volume of coupons they give us based on the number of coupons that are printed off of our website.
  3. Separate and keep the coupons you want.
  4. Donate the remaining coupons you don't need to an organization or someone who does need your coupons. -Pay it forward!!
  5. Tell your friends and family to use this website so that they can receive free coupons.
  6. Bookmark our website for future visits.
If you have further questions about our website, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.